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Default Re: I've scored the Pacquiao/Marquez Trilogy in Rounds .....

Originally Posted by Miguel View Post
I'm always amazed by the rounds people give to Marquez - I'd love to know how people score rounds. If Pacquiao goes forward, throws 2 punches, 1 connects and 1 kind of but MArquez counters with a good punch Marquez will be seen to have won that duel by some. Why? Because he countered an open Manny - this to me is crazy - I don't know if it's because Marquez is the underdog so the anti-Pacquiao sentiment or whether it's because people like to pretend they understand the purist side of the sweet science so go for the "Chess player" rather than the brawler.

I've scored all 3 fights a number of times...the only fight my scoring is tough on is fight 3.

Fight 1: I scored this recently so it's clearer in my head. Same score again - 113-112 Pacquiao - basically as judge #1 should have scored it. Round 1 (obviously) and Round 2 were Pacquiao's. Marquez took the next 4 rounds, Pacquiao got round 7, he was busier and connected more - Marquez took 8 and Pacquiao came back in 9 and 10, no doubt. Marquez took the last 2 rounds...113-112. I could understand it given the other way by maybe a point! but when people say Marquez won it easily I have to laugh, people are scoring out of hate or boxing snobbery.

Fight 2: Can't recall round by round but scored it 114-113 to Pacquiao

Fight 3: This fight was the one Marquez had a real complaint - he alludes to that himself. He says the 3rd fight was the one that outraged other words the first 2 fights he was crying for the sake of crying. As Roach said "Those fights were so close that if we had lost by a point, we wouldn't cry like Marquez cries"...but fight 3 he had a case - I scored it a draw watching live, and then scored it 115-113 to Marquez - 1 or 2 rounds though are very very tough to score...Marquez also gave away round 12, that cost him and that sums him up - back up back up, don't make the fight and then wonder why judges don't favour you?

In my eyes, Pacquiao won 2, Marquez won 1 and I think most unbiased people will score it similarly

Aggression counts, if you want to back pedal constantly and just wait for your opponent making mistakes and risking nothing yourself in taking the fight to your opponent, then you better win it fairly clearly...Marquez does not do that often enough.
Good post, my exact sentiments and feelings toward the trilogy, alot of fans are butthurt over Pac getting the razor thin decisions and want to turn it into a robbery which is just *******s.
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