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Default Re: Do you think Juan Manuel Marquez could give Mayweather a better fight in a rematc

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
I love Marquez but the truth is that Floyd is badly wrong for him,even allowing for better weight gain.Juanma has always performed better against come forward guys and when he's forced to take the initiative,it usually results in a hard fight.
Floyd would still pick him off at will and as a fan of both I have no desire to see this again,even though it might be slightly less emphatic second time around.
Yeah, this. Even if he does better, it will be so likely to be by such an utterly negligible amount that there's no point in it for either of them. And this assumption is why most people will not want to see it. We all get that he's wearing the weight better, but they're still essentially the same guys who are just a little older and match up exactly the same way.
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