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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
proper little tantrum.

What I want is for you to respond to the poinst that are actually put to you rather than completely ignoring them. Yes, it is normal on the forum for people to back up their asertations -for example, you say that "other people" feel as you feel about Lewis, then you type a list of article title as proof. Of course, this constitutes no proof.

You say Mercer was robbed against Lewis. I reprint my scorecard, re-produce the punchstats (heavily weighed to Lewis). No response.

Holyfield II, the same.

In other words you take very extreme positions then refuse to defend them. I'm hardly alone in finding that unsatisfactory.

good god.

I don't think you've produced facts in this thread, if i'm honest. I think you've produced a skewed opinion, and re-typed some article titles. That's the same thing.

This is an outright lie. I responded to both of your Emmanuel Steward quotes, once with a another Emmanuel Steward quote and once by saying that I agreed (That prime Tyson was gone).

You, on the other hand, completely ignroe the Emmanuel Steward quote I produced. You didn't even say "no".
You want me to do all the work here. I already know the truth about Lummox,if you want to find something YOU should look it up. You almost started crying when you found out I only posted the title's,dates and authors of the articles and not the links also! What a ****! I tried to play by your rules but you just keep asking the same questions. I could give you a signed document by Lewis himself and then you would say "but do you have a blood sample?"

In closing,just think about how many numerous sports writers and boxing journalists say Lummox is overrated in retirement. They can't all have a prejudice or personal bias-but you can pretend they do so you have a reason to not believe what they say about Lewis and his joke of a career.

Top Rank matchmaker Carl Moretti had this to say about Lummox:

"The thing is Lewis could have been much better,I remember when he fought Tua,and Lewis never once pressed him,He could have looked spectacular that night but didnt because he knew he didnt have to look spectacular to win....I will still say Holyfield was the more complete fighter.The better fighter.
I dont think he's (Lewis) top 10 of all time,Top 15 Yes.

Bruce Trampler had this to say:

"Holyfield was an all time great,Lennox is highly overrated.I really give him demerits for those knockout losses to Oliver Mccall & Hasim Rahman and his last performance against Vitali Klitschko.
He outsized Guys? So what? I dont know how far you would have to go to find a lot of heavyweights who would have kicked the **** out of Lennox lewis,But its not too far.
He was NOT a top 10 Heavyweight and I'm NOT sure if he was a top 20 Heavyweight.....Yes I am.He wasn't.
He was a good fighter but not a Hall of Famer.Hes not an ATG.Hes on par with Vitali Klitschko,But I'm not sure hes better and nobody is writing about the greatness of Vitali Klitschko,And nor should they."

Lennox Lewis is delusional as always. Lewis has gotten even less humble in his ways. Ali and Joe Louis weren't beaten by average fighters and they certainly weren't beaten by Rahman and McCall by (T)KO.
Ali was stopped once,late in his career,on his feet by Larry Holmes. Holmes was considerably better than anyone Lewis faced.
And Joe Louis was past his prime when he was KO'd by the great Marciano. Schmelling beat Joe Louis but Schmelling as also a very good fighter and world champion. No other heavyweight All time great was Ko'd twice in his prime by lesser fighters!

Hasim Rahman was the epitome of average. He once went 3 years without a single win!

And Lewis talks about avenging defeats.
He avenged defeats against the drug addicted Oliver McCall who was under house arrest.

He didnt rematch the guys who were hard fights like Mercer or Vitali Klitschko. Weird huh? Yeah Lummox Lewis was an overrated cherry picking bum.

The Lummox Can't punch his way through a wet paper bag.


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