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Default Re: Bowie Tupou vs Bryant Jennings - Dec 8th

Originally Posted by ipswich express View Post
As much as I'd love to sit infront of my computer all night and read your Bowie Tupou thread, I can't. Like I said, you don't appear to know much about moving fighters and obviously have little understanding of the business side of the sport.

Your original response didnt mention Weida, it just said "it's not much better", but thats fine. With a limited budget you're only going to get a certain level of fighter. If you think it's about "proving" something like you say, then you're missing the point.

If an offer akin to the Jennings one presents itself at least he'll have been active heading in. Sitting on the sidelines never helps a boxer.
No need to sit up all night. I didn't. The beauty of this forum is its still here the next day

There are hundreds & hundreds of younger, more competitive fighters in the heavyweight rankings between de Mori and the hasbeens and neverwases he's been fighting.

Encouraging guys like Damon Reed to make comebacks, and Calloway & Weida to continue when it's no longer in the interests of their wellbeing is just poor form. Something you seem very reluctant to discuss specifically
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