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Default Who was the best fighter to never beat a top 10 contender?

We often get the threads about who was the best not to win/challenge for a 'World title'. And so often (normally down in part to me), we just end up debating as to what qualifies as a 'world title'. So I thought I would put a slight spin on an interesting idea; so...

Who was the best fighter to never beat a top 10 contender (or champion)?

If we use 'The Ring' as a way of clarifing who's or what 'top 10' means; who is the best fighter to not beat a top 10 contender? This would include fighters who got a top 10 rating, without winning a fight against one of their peers.

The only exception I would ask, is not to include fighters who were sadly taken from us 'too early'. 'Too early' would be a fighter who had their last fight under the age 30, with less than 40 pro fights to their name.

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