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Default Re: Do you think Juan Manuel Marquez could give Mayweather a better fight in a rematc

Originally Posted by PH|LLA View Post
Mayweather sitting down on his shots rather than using his strength to make sure Marquez is kept at bay would only be in JMM's favour.
Nah, Marquez didn't just have trouble with Mayweathers foot defense, he struggled with virtually all his defense. He not once got through cleanly when Mayweather applied the shoulder roll. He had success on 1 or 2 occasions with feints. Mayweather winning based on footspeed and movement alone is a myth.

I actually remember someone (may have actually been you ) saying Mayweather didn't open up his offense as he was worried he was going to get caught by Marquez. Which isn't true at all, really.
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