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Default Re: Markuu Huntuu Vs Stefan Struve back on!!!

We saw Struve bang it out last time out with a guy with fairly reputed (bogus golden gloves) offence. He's done it before, will he do it again?! We know that Struve is tough and while we have to concede that pretty much any big guy is gonna get hurt when ****ted with 4oz gloves but Struve is a little more susceptible than most, try as he might, he can be flattened.

Hunt is the idiot savant of striking. He can slug it out (and camp out on an Americana on the G.O.A.T) but he can draw His opponents into mistakes with his savvy, and he is a punishing striker and, more often than not, can stand up to any blow.

I fear Stefan will do what he did to Johnson and stay disciplined, but Hunt still has great movement and timing. Let's hope he's used all the hand injury time to try other things nonetheless, as he looked in good shape last year.

Would be great to see Hunt further his winning streak. But, if Struve wins he continues to build on his promise. With the gifts he has as well as clearly being very able and full of heart, I can't begrudge him this win.
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