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Default Re: Top Coaches/trainers in Brisbane ?

Originally Posted by CapsLock View Post
agreed about steve. an admirable thing about steve is that he knows when his fighter is done and is not afraid to throw in the towel. theres a lot of trainers who wont do this.

this is why he was so ****ed of at ian john lewis for stopping the fletcher saunders fight. he felt lewis undermined his ability as a trainer to know when his fighter was done. steve actuaslly had the towel in his hand.

as for brendon, i know he copped criticism for his corner work with katsidis, but i think his cornerwork is some of the best in the game. his instructions during the rounds is also excellent. very calm and clear and composed.
he also has one of the best stables in the country right now.
With respect do you think that stoppage was premature mate ? I thought it was borderline . Young Jar was in a heap of trouble though .
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