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Default Re: What are they up to now?

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
Just did a bit of boxrec surfing looking at Adrian Dodson. Came across a bit of a legend I've never heard of: Mpush Makambi. Looks like he came over and owned every British middleweight!

Anyone seen him fight?

Yes, quite a bit, Dodson was winning at first then Makambi came back, hit him with one of the weakest flurries ive ever seen against the ropes, and put Dodson down for the ten count

He knocked out Steve Foster with a BEAUTIFUL uppercut, just measured it then BAM, straight up the middle through the gloves

KOd Bingo Bingham with a beautiful right hook-left straight combo (Makambi was a southpaw) in fact I think that KO is on a glass jaw chinchecker vid

edit: found it, 1:10 look at Binghams eyes

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