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Default Re: Eubank beats Degale

Firstly i'm mildly impressed with Jnr he does some nice things, he's got more poise then most guys with his experience due to his father's advice. His father was the master deciever he'd do those struts and actions to show he was in control even if in reality he wasn't it's the air of control that looks good to people judging.

Plus it puts opponents off advancing, He's got a very decent jab when he throws it. His balance needs to be better espicially when he doesn't land he gets caught out of position a tad. He was timing Pryce more then i've seen him before although he does still load up. He throws many spectacular type punches and would be advised to set traps and set up his work before throwing those loaded up shots.

He's been matched decently, area level guys then back down then up a notch against Pryce. I have no complaints with Pryce as a fight, Eubank still a open to the right hand but i've seen him clipped a few times and he reacts well. Actually bizzare because he's not had that many fights but he takes the shots and doesn't go silly or get shaken he just cracks on.

Comparing his first 7 to DeGale's opponents is unfair as DeGale has had a extensive amatuer career and Jnr hasn't. Jnr would not beat DeGale at this point but at some stage in the future is the kid gets rid of bad habits and refines and DeGale decay's and continues to pick up bad habits then you cannot write off a Eubank win.

It may be a case of catch Eubank Jnr now before or if he does get better..
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