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Default Re: Why are gbp haters bashing them and acting like they the only promoters that is..

Originally Posted by rayhogan View Post
Ruining boxing? Does people forgot what arum has done? Remember pacquiao vs morales rematch? Arum still went with the rematch even though Morales got outboxed by Raheem. <<<<Why nobody talk about Pacquiao vs Raheem? And btw pacquiao fought morales 3 times after morales 3 times was coming off a lost. Remember after guzman beat soto and before that the winner of that fight would be in line to face pacquiao in which guzman again won but how come no pacquiao vs guzman? Who yeah cause of arum. Pacquiao vs Barrera rematch still happen after barrera lost the fight to marquez but yet nobody complain about that one? What about pacquiao vs clottey? Didnt clottey was coming off his last big fight in a lost? For real people here have a lost memory. Arum has done maybe far worse then what gbp is doing in which its the truth.
If you're seeking perfection from people, you must be living on another planet mentally. Arum is currently bringing the sport the biggest and most entertaining fights you could think of. Even if promotions seem like dictatorships, there's nothing more to complain about there as long as good fights are being made. At the moment GBP are severely lacking which is why Canelo is being overprotected in shameless fashion. I wouldn't compare Morales/Pacquiao 2 which made all the sense in the world considering Pacquiao's loss that needed to be avenged to Canelo/Cotto. Don't forget that Morales moved up in weight for Raheem only to move down again for the Pacquiao rematch. Two completely different situations there and a rematch made sense to all fans, Cotto/Canelo makes no sense at all when Canelo's division is stacked with serious opposition.
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