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Default Re: Felix "the BIGGEST Cherrypicker" Sturm....

Assuming this claim is anyone really surprised? This is boxing people where politics, money, and lip service run the show. Titles can be bought, opponents can be paid to step aside or stay quiet, judges can be corrupted as can other officials, and fans continue to accept low quality matchups. LOL

I'm not surprised in the slightest, especially given the fact that we're talking about Felix Sturm. The guy has stayed in Europe, avoided dangerous fights, and milked his "title" for all it's worth. Sturm is a feather fisted fighter with very average skills. Had he not had this type of protection no one would know who the hell the guy is because he'd been knocked the hell out and into early retirement.

Boxing is the only sport where mediocrity, with the right amount of monetary and network support behind it, can soar and be sold as greatness.
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