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Default Re: Mark de Mori - the most padded career in Aussie boxing?

Originally Posted by ipswich express View Post
It seems you really do struggle understanding the business side of the sport. If you think DKP are going to let him fight anyone at the drop of a hat over here in Australia, when they have little to no upside, then you don't understand boxing 101.

I don't believe Mark had any management guiding him when he resigned again. Either way, he's a DKP boxer. He's ranked by the WBC and some interesting developments are coming out of Cancun at the moment, which hopefully will move him along.
I have no disillusions of grandeur. But plainly I have enough understanding to identify a team pulling in different directions, with a fighter compiling the most padded record in Australian boxing

Mark de Mori himself says signing with Don King is the "highlight of his career". His little shadow Totalpac says "King got Mark to where he is today and allowed him to live the life he has wanted to live".

Meanwhile King gongs out anything promising that comes along for Mark like a Bryant Jennings fight, and you feed Mark tune-up fight after tune-up fight against nobodies, and over the hill hasbeens.

What a circus
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