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Default Re: Schaefer: Troutís victory over Cotto isnít enough to get him Canelo

Originally Posted by J_Grizzy View Post
The outrage exists because Alvarez is young any many feel like he's done nothing to deserve the leverage to choose who he fights, and bypass more deserving boxers. Also, the fact that Lopez beat Ortiz whom Alvarez was set to fight, but not fighting Trout seems shady and quite honestly the most blatant duck in recent memory. You know the whole Mayweather vs Pacquiao fiasco? Well, it looks like Canelo will be doing similar things with every worthy opponent for his entire career.
But hang on, Austin Trout just got here right? I mean, no-one even knew who he was before he beat Cotto last Saturday...

Alvarez is a cash cow because he crosses over to the public, not because he has achieved anything particularly special in boxing (yet). If you are a cash cow, you have the marketing edge, that's not a boxing specific problem, that's just business.

As far as a duck is concerned, that is an outrageous statement. Is Trout going to go stale over the course of a year? No. Could he become more viable to Golden Boy and Alvarez as a business proposition? Yes. So why the **** would they make that fight now, when it could, and most probably will, be bigger in future?

Alvarez-Cotto makes far more sense, both in boxing and business. Its Mexico-Puerto Rico, its a young/untested lion and a grizzled veteran, its a step up for Canelo and one last hurrah for Cotto. How is that fight an outrage?

Now had people said, Richard Schaefer is an ex-banker (or whatever), and doesn't know how to phrase what he actually wants to say, and that that was outrageous - I would have agreed with everything they had said.
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