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Default Re: Schaefer: Troutís victory over Cotto isnít enough to get him Canelo

Originally Posted by bazza12 View Post
But hang on, Austin Trout just got here right? I mean, no-one even knew who he was before he beat Cotto last Saturday...

Alvarez is a cash cow because he crosses over to the public, not because he has achieved anything particularly special in boxing (yet). If you are a cash cow, you have the marketing edge, that's not a boxing specific problem, that's just business.

As far as a duck is concerned, that is an outrageous statement. Is Trout going to go stale over the course of a year? No. Could he become more viable to Golden Boy and Alvarez as a business proposition? Yes. So why the **** would they make that fight now, when it could, and most probably will, be bigger in future?

Alvarez-Cotto makes far more sense, both in boxing and business. Its Mexico-Puerto Rico, its a young/untested lion and a grizzled veteran, its a step up for Canelo and one last hurrah for Cotto. How is that fight an outrage?

Now had people said, Richard Schaefer is an ex-banker (or whatever), and doesn't know how to phrase what he actually wants to say, and that that was outrageous - I would have agreed with everything they had said.
true. well i hope alvarez can clear out the division by starting to fight legit champions after how many fights now.. why not start on trout who "noone knew he even was" i mean this is how legends are born, they come out of no where.. like when the great barrera gave manny a chance, they made millions off him. it's what keeps boxing alive... or austin can just take out the whole division while canelo on the sidelines

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