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Default IBU title belt. Another black eye for boxing.

I think I may have found the worst, most corrupt sanctioning body yet. The IBU. - Check out these quotes:

Call us at 404-808-9268 for more information on how to fight for your next

Jump start your future now ( In Boxing ). Are you Ready?

They are offering you a title fight, You don't offer a goddamn title fight!!! The look of this, yet another stupid sanctioning body isn't good.

Why do I bring this up now? Simple, James Toney beat no-namer Gunn for the title earlier this year, which was a disgrace itself. But now they have managed to go another step down, 45 year old Rick Camlin, Fought twice in the last seven years is getting a title shot. This Saturday I saw due to piles of advertising for a Ustream of it on Boxrec.

Camlin is a low-level club fighter. On a comeback after two KO losses to Galen Brown and Scott Pamberton in 04'. He beat 0-2 Damen Reed and 5-3 Chris Venola early this year by stoppage.

That gets him a " title fight " by the cons at the IBU's standards yes it does. Which is horrible for a great sport like boxing.
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