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Default Re: Bowie Tupou vs Bryant Jennings - Dec 8th

Originally Posted by Totalpac View Post
Jennings needs to start knocking people out if he is going to considered a 'big thing' in the HW divison.

People watch HW boxing for KO's and power, if you want fights that go the distance you should be watching the less significant divisions.
Do yourself a favour and start watching some boxing before putting your foot in it again about things you plainly know little to nothing about

Some of the greatest contests between the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport went the distance. Suggest you start with these two >>>

Holyfield vs Bowe: 30 round trilogy with 2 of the 3 fights going the distance.

Ali vs Frazier: 41 round trilogy with 2 of 3 fights going the distance and containing no knockout.

Knockouts are great. But the most important thing is fighting against well matched opponents and WINNING!
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