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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez - Strategy

Pac at 2-0-1 leads me to believe to get the decision he doesnt really need to do much different

too make it easier i think it would suit him to tighten his game to prevent counters, i dont know if Pac can fight like the 1st and 2nd fight intense from bell to bell for the full 12

i actually wonder how Pac would do if he countered JMM, i know this isnt their plan but imagine if they made JMM lead and made him be the offensive fighter, Pac i think doesnt have the patience to play counter puncher with JMM but i wonder how that would go making JMM bring it to Pac

JMM to most won fight 3 so logically you gotta wonder what he needs to do different. He out boxed him last time out so you figure he has Pac's number but he didnt get the decision

JMM after this should really think about the knock out or really being aggressive and throwing more, i mean JMM has had zero luck with the judges, his counter punching style is effective but its not eye catching like Pac's

he needs to make it obvious he won in the majority of the rounds not leave them close and not become susceptible to Pac's flurries
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