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Default Re: I hope Cotto puts an end to the hypejob Canelo

Originally Posted by benebox View Post
Canelo would stop Cotto in the later rounds. I think this is a good fight. Canelo is 22 years old and it makes sense to take the fight with the way bigger purse which will raise his selling stock.

It really is stupid when fans claim he should be fighting harder opponents for a lower purses. I have an idea, why dont you put some money forward to make up the difference! Oh no you don't have it so STFU.

Cherry picking is taking a lower or equal purse to fight an easier opponent. Otherwise it is called making a living or having a brain.
Cotto would get stopped, and you said it yourself. This is not a good fight for the fans, its a good fight for Canelo. Good for business, bad for the sport.
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