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Default Re: James Degale vs Fulgencio Zuniga preview.

Originally Posted by Bazzel View Post
Nice one. To be a bit critical though have you seen the fighters that you re talking about? You seem to be jumping to some conclusions about Fulgencio Zuniga based on his record. What about his style? How does that match up with chunky? Is he heavy handed or has he been fed some soft touches early in his career?

I havent seen him myself, but I could have drawn the conclusions you have with boxrec. In my opinion you need to know a bit more about the fighters involved, to have seen some strengths and weaknesses yourself that you can add to the facts of their records.

As DrMo said Gallahad is certainly no power puncher, if you have watched him how could you have thought so?
Pretty good anyway, and hey wtf do i know?
I don't know much about the second fight, but I have seen Zuniga fight a few times and posted info including write ups and video in the thread below

He does have some power, but nowhere near what his record might indicate. A lot of South American fighters have bloated KO records from their home countries. Now, sometimes the KO % is warranted, obviously guys like Miranda and Matthyse can/could seriously crack. However, I don't think thats quite the case with Zuniga. In his fights with Santos, Inkin, Pavlik, Bute, Cloud, and Oosthuizen he only managed to score 1 knockdown (against Pavlik, slipped the jab countered with a hook right on the chin, only a flash KD though).Furthermore, he's not really a true 168lber, so his power isn't all there at the weight.

I saw someone write that Zuniga is big and power and short on craft...which I think is a bit unfair to him. He's shown in the past that he's more crafty than the typical "colombian puncher stereotype"....particular in his fight against Oganov where he showed a little footwork and would slide out a bit. He can either try to box (Inkin) or go to war (Pavlik, Berrio) depending on the situation.

Degale should win this fight though.

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