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Default Re: Mark de Mori - the most padded career in Aussie boxing?

Originally Posted by leftrip View Post
What is the period of the contract? How many fights a year does the contract stipulate DKP for MDM? I think DKP is in breach, so why the excuses Mark?
you wont get answers. mark is happy to let mark go fightless. that way mark can 'live the life he lives', pretend to be a somebody, when in fact he is a nobody. he can parade around with some bull**** belt complete with purple boa, call himself '***yboxer', an fap off in the mirror at himself.

he'll never step up. as soon as he does, his fraud will be exposed. he wants what he has now. a name that he doesnt have to defend. he can fool some of the public. but he is a fraud. we know it, and he knows it. he lives a life of a dreamer, but never puts any actions to attempt to actually achieve his dreams.

he knows he is 1 fight from being found out. wyborn proved that. while he looks the part on a poster, and without a background check his record looks ok. but look a bit deeper, and fraud it what you see.

mark will sign again with DKP because it avoids him fighting......until one day, DKP demands he fight a real fighter that DKP is looking to go places. demoris record will look ok to US fans, and demori will get demolished......
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