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Default Re: NAME ONE FIGHT that would do more money than Canelo-Cotto aside from Pac/May

Originally Posted by gobblock View Post
Why should a boxing fan give a **** about which fight makes more money? Don't we want the best match-ups first and foremost?

There's no need to defend greed. If you're jaded and understand that money talks in boxing, fine, but don't defend greed over exciting, competitive match-making. You don't have a vested interest, so don't bother excusing the *******s making ****ty fights like Canelo-OldManCotto instead of Trout-Canelo.

I think some of you get off more on fight purses and gate/PPV sales than the goddamn sport itself.
I agree with every ****ing word, but how do you feel about Vitali fighting Haye?
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