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Default head movement. a must for shorter boxers.

i never had it. i wasnt shown it, and there were very few fights on tele, and there was no such thing as the net.

later in life i discovered it, when an old blackfella from ****amble taught me to slip a left and counter with a right. it opend up a whole new world to me.

suddenly i realised each way i slipped, i was transfering my weight to throw punches from either hand. i actually broke a bloke jaw in the ring by slipping his left and countering with a right hand, left hook.

fighters often forget or neglect skills they posess. it was quoted the mathew saad mohamed went from a cautious counterpuncher to a walk up slugger. i myself had a good left hand, but the more i fought, the less id use it. my trainer used to complain to me to use it more. for some reason i just wanted to do other stuff. once youve learned a good skill, but dont use it, its there but you just have to bring it out again.

i recently looked at alex fighting demori again on you tube, and i realised alex had great head movement back then, although a little exagerated. he seems to have forgotten to use it recently, but he has it there, he just needs to work on it and bring it back.

watching shorter fighters like joe frazier, shows he had great head movement. so did the early tyson. it was in integral part of their success. i believe it is part of alex resume that is missing. he does have it. i have the video evidence....

here, take a look at alex head movement, and tell me if he does it as much now...

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