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Default Re: Cotto vs Trout was high altitude training a factor?

Virgil Hunter seems to think it did in an interview with Ring Magazine:

Quote: You mentioned that it was a mistake for Cotto to train at high altitude for the first time in his career before facing Trout, what do you mean?

VH: That's not always good for fighters, because it stresses the body tremendously. Your blood is like sludge at first, and I'm not going to tell them how to train at high altitude, because there is a way to do it.

But I'm not going to mention it. But if you are training at high altitude with a 32-year-old body, it takes five to six weeks just to overcome the stress aspects of it.

So if you've got to go through all of the other training to get ready for the fight, then you're wore out. And all of the extra stuff that you've got to do, chasingi ***** and this exercise and that exercise...

That's not good for a 32-year-old. But I still picked Austin to win, before I realized Cotto's training program. But it's too much for a 32-year-old who has been in all of the wars Cotto has been in, to absorb.

When you're younger, you may be able to handle it a little bit more. But at 32 years old, at high altitude, I wouldn't have done that with the wear and tear on his body. How much can his body take?

In the fight, he wasn't even up on his legs like he normally is, and he didn't move like he normally moves. Think about his movement that night. He trained too hard to be facing a 27-year-old guy who is big and strong.

The combination of the high altitude and the over-training, and he was facing a young man. Trout also made a smart, smart, smart training decision bringing DonYil Livingston into his camp to spar.

Livingston is Cotto's size, but boxes exactly like Cotto and is just as good. I know that he gave Trout all that he can handle. He kept DonYil Livingston in his camp for six weeks, so I knew he was going to be ready.
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