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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez - Strategy

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
One of Manny's biggest strengths has always been being able to close the distance rapidly and awkwardly with feints that make his opponent second-guess when exactly he's about to throw. Marquez has read his feints by now, and Manny is less explosive, so if he wants to have success, his best bet is to throw 2-4 shots, feign commitment, pull back when JMM counters, and then actually commit to closing the distance once JMM has committed. But given the way Marquez takes away his angle laterally and leads on his own, which disrupts Manny's rhythm, and knows how to read his feints, Manny has a tough night ahead of him. Countering the counter puncher failed miserably for him last time, and coming forward with no variety in feints simply makes JMM's job easier. If he can find the balance and liveliness to fluidly switch between the two, he may compete better and catch an over-aggressive JMM. But I doubt it.

One maneuver that has interested me recently from Manny's training videos has been exiting out the side from under the opponent's right hand, and throwing a left after hopping all the way to his right to set it up. It's a great maneuver in theory and Manny fights from both sides well when he out-circles them, but JMM gets so low and keeps his form so tight that I doubt Manny will be prepared to weave out like that. Marquez shoots from a low angle and Manny has a hard time seeing what's coming, let alone setting up defensive maneuvers that involve bending lower than Marquez already is.
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