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Default Re: How good was Fernando Vargas?

Originally Posted by NoNeck View Post
It's not that he rushed into the Trinidad fight, it's that he fought it stupidly as hell. Before his back issues, Vargas had good boxing ability which he mostly abandoned when he fought Trinidad.
He was getting caught by Tito even when he was in his boxing mode. Tito simply slipped a jab and countered with a left hook in the first when he dropped Vargas. Vargas came back to drop Tito in the 4th (Tito followed up with a low blow), and Vargas still dominated the 5th by boxing and using angles. In the 6th, Vargas was still trying to box and use the ring when Tito caught him near the ropes and landed a hard right hand with about 30 seconds left in the round. Vargas tried to hold Trinidad a little bit after that. Merchant said the right hand landed around the neck. It may have.

Then for the next two rounds, Vargas was still trying to box and use the ring and pick his spots, and was having some success (particularly with body blows in round , but was still getting caught with hard long right hands.

Then it was the 9th when Vargas really tried to war with Tito, and took a lot of hard shots in that round.
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