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Default Re: How good was Fernando Vargas?

Originally Posted by the_what View Post
I dont know if it was his boyish good looks but it seems like he got a pass for getting caught with steroids. Like Margarito got a worse sentence than Vargas did.
Using plaster is worse then using steroids.

Also, Vargas is far from being the only fighter to not get crucified for using steroids. He didnt get any better treatment then Mosley, Peterson, Berto, Toney, ect get.

Im not saying its right, but using PEDs has never really been that big of a deal in boxing. Otherwise fans and the establishment would make a bigger deal out of it. You get some **** from some fans, a slap on the wrist from the establishment, and thats it. Not saying thats fair but it is what it is.

Using plaster, taking padding out of your glove, using substance on the outside of your glove, that **** has always, always been looked at as worse, for good reasons.
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