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Default Re: Is Roberto Duran a top-10 All Time Great?

No. Top 25 maybe. One of if not the most overrated boxer of all time.
Beating Leonard by a small margan, an inexperanced Moore and an overrated Barkley. He had a nice run at lightweight, but he's overrated there as well. I'd put Leonard, Whitaker, Gans and Williams over him. I would take those guys over him. I'd also take Mosley, De La Hoya and Mayweather over him.
Other than Leonard who he beat once out of three bouts. He never beat anyone else when he stepped up. He may be the best agrisive boxer ever, My vote goes to Armstrong. He has good defense, but he dose not belong with the likes of Lochie, Pep, Whitaker, B. Leonard, or Mayweather.
From 135-160 where he won championship. I can't think of any ATG who I fell comfortable saying he'd beat.
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