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Default Re: Why do some boxing 'fans' hate so much?

Sometimes, some fighters just do a persons head in SO much they cant help themselves but hate. For a number of reasons in no particular order...


Some quick examples,
personality? Look no further than degale. Won olympic gold, made his country proud but cos he came across as a **** to Groves? More hate him than like him nowadays.

Nationality? Look no further than Ricky Burns. One of boxings good guys, won his title the hard way, defends against Ring top 10 fighters, but he almost always gets near 100 post threads with the majority here mocking him, & only a few brave souls daring to stand up for him. You can throw Cleverly into that mix too, its no coincidence that two of the most hated fighters here dont come from the biggest country in the UK. Go figure.

hype? Look no further than Ricky Hatton from the past, & nowadays Kell Brook. Once SKY get behind a fighter? They get BEHIND a fighter. They shower them with so much praise, tell so much bare faced lies & basically insult peoples intelligence with the drivel they spout about the greatness of the fighter they are backing, that people want to see these fighters fail & get derailed, & start hating on the fighter, instead of hating on the ones behind all the bull****, the ones creating the hype that can turn a fighter into a egomaniac.

popularity? Hype builds popularity, & when someone dislikes a hyped fighter cos they dont think he deserves it? The tipping point is when the hyped fighter starts pulling big crowds, the hater sees these big crowds for a fighter he doesnt like, & its red mist time, & all hope is lost as the hater downward spirals into a life of snarling at the TV screen & typing on forums(or shaky live feed) with angry fingers & steam coming out of their ears, as the crowd belt out anthems in adoration of their new boxing hero in the background!

am I defending haters? No. However, I can understand why they exist.
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