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Default Re: head movement. a must for shorter boxers.

Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
..the bobbing attack..or aggressive defence..Jack Dempsey style..or as mentioned..Smokin Joe style..
..Cus Damato taught it to Floyd Patterson before Iron Mike..
..and exactly as mentioned..Iron Mike abandoned it and turned into a one punch bully..and it was the beginning of the end for Mike Tyson..Mike was untouchable back when he moved his head..
absolutely correct.

i believe alex needs to rediscover his natural movement to become are real great heavyweight.

ATM, he is a bit easy to hit when he stands in no mans land. in close he is perfect. at distance , well no one can hit eachother, but in no mans land, a real critical distance, if you can slip punches and counter, you are at an advantage.

alex already is excellent at getting in close without getting hit. add the head movement, moves him to another level....all he has to do is rediscover it, and train for it.


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