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Default Re: Tyson Fury - He's done it again.

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
actually, they bagged him all over the stadium. aussies dont appreciate losers. listening to that vid, it might have been retouched. it wasnt as badas i remember. there are a few online. try some others. fair dinkum, he couldnt hold a note! it was on the news, etc for days.

australia was the catylist for making lots of bands famous before anyone had heard of them. ABBA, bee gees (2nd hand poms) ACDC, etc, etc...

aussies are a good judge of entertainment...
swingin my good man, I meant Tyson Fury was singing quite well

Big Meatloaf bless him, hes been two sandwiches short of a picnic for a long time! watching that vid, it was kinda funny but kinda sad, all rolled into one. My mate was a huge meatloaf fan, but even back in the 1990's he said the big man had lost it live, & someone else I knew went to see him in 2003 or something in Scotland, & she said everyone was walking out early cos he wasnt even singing his songs, he was just talking & babbling a lot of **** to the crowd!

Whoever hired him should have done their research beforehand
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