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Default Re: what got you hooked to mma?

Got hooked back in 1991. Two years before the first UFC.

A friend of mine suddenly started acting invincible when we'd go clubbing and was picking fights with guys twice his size and he was beating them with ease. I later found out he was studying BJJ with one of the Machado brothers and I got in on it and within weeks, I felt like the most invincible mother ****er alive because I knew that nobody else knew BJJ.. those were glorious days..

A couple years later in 1993, the UFC started up, we knew Royce was going to school everybody and one day I was rolling with a guy untrained in ground fighting. I pulled him into my guard and he pulled a pen out of his pocket and started scribbling on my chest and he told me that if it were a knife, I'd be dead.

Then I realized BJJ wasn't as invincible as I had thought, then Maurice Smith KO'd Conan Silveira and shocked the NHB world and now the sport/art is full of douche bags.
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