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Default Re: Hatton's Career v Froch's Career who wins?

Originally Posted by Tin_Ribs View Post
I watched Abraham from very early on in his career. He's tough, can be a sneaky puncher and obviously has excellent power, but he's as one dimensional as they come at 'world' level with his feet stuck in sludge and a low punch output due to questionable stamina. He was also coming off a conclusive defeat himself and doesn't have Froch's mental strength.

Moving up to 168 obviously reinvigorated him a bit, but Dirrell made him look a tool in their fight and he subsequently seemed to have zero confidence against Froch in the same way that Bute did imo. Suicide. A fighter of Froch's insane self belief and drive will always prosper against that kind of mentality. The biggest thing for me about it was how it demonstrated that Froch could come back from losing and win resoundingly against a dangerous but limited opponent. Very good win but it get's a bit overstated for me.
Well, the win in itself might get overstated...but I don't think anyone rates Abraham as even the 3rd best fighter Froch has beaten. The reason people like that win so much is a combination of things. 1). Froch was the underdog going into the fight. 2). Even though Froch was the underdog, some thought this would be an absolute war. 3). Froch basically put on a masterclass. Total. Emphatic. Domination. He also displayed skills not many knew he had.

It's like Calzaghe-Lacy. Was Lacy the best fighter Calzaghe fought? No. But there's something about putting on an emphatic performance when people don't expect it (and Froch has 2 of those with Abraham and Bute).

Come to think of it, Hatton won 9-10 rounds on Urango is memory serves me right. But it wasn't THAT kind of performance and Urango is a pretty comparable small version of Abraham.
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