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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez - Strategy

Honestly I feel like Manny should've gone with Ariza's training. He should've put his 100% into his conditioning and preparing for this fight. He should've tried to maximize his punching output. Throwaway any thoughts of boxing. Just go in there and go wild.


Because he's so much damn younger, that's why. Even if Manny's on the decline, his body can take more punishment and go further than Marquez's. That's a fact. Without a doubt in my mind, if Manny fought like he did in '04 and '08, he'd have Marquez gassed out by the 6th round. Even if he takes some solid shots to the face, we all know Pacquiao has a granite chin which can endure the punishment.

If it's a boxing match, Marquez has Pacquiao's number. If it's a war, then Pacquiao (at this stage in Marquez's age) could easily walk away with a TKO victory if he decides to make it a war; which I'm disappointed to say, don't think will happen.
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