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Default Re: Did Pavlik destroy Mirandas career?

Originally Posted by WatchfortheHook View Post
But what would you consider not performing as well to be?

Miranda was only a contender....and remained a viable contender quite sometime afterwards, and remained a guy that could only knock out lower level guys..

Zuniga was a low-level gatekeeper and remains one today.

Lockett could have continued on back on the domestic level (which would have been the same level he was competing on before that joke of a mandatory), but like I said, he probably just didn't want to.

Rubio seems to be doing ok, upper level gatekeeper.

Onto Taylor....Now, I didn't say Pavlik didn't damage Taylor, and time a heavy handed guy lays hands on you like that you endure some damage, I said he didn't ruin him...and really like I said Taylor was looking pretty weak and vulnerable before hand (you left out Ouma...that was NOT an impressive performance) BTW, if you're going to call Taylor as "elite as it gets at the time" if thats the case, I'm sorry he shouldn't be struggling with Spinks either.

Rubio is doing ok but many boxers Pavlik has fought are not. I said there is evidence if you look for it. Is it coincendence? Maybe, but there seems to be a pattern.

I have some iformation from boxrec that I will show you. You might just think its a coincedence. Here is what some boxers have done with their careers after Pavlik beats them.

- Lopez, 1-2
- Espino, retired
- locket, retired
- taylor, nothing needs to be said.
- Miranda, nothing needs to be said.
- Zertuche, 2-4
- Piere, retired
- Vincent Harris, never won another fight
- Daniel Neal, never won another fight
- Dorian Beaupierre, never won another fight
- Ross Thompson 1-6
- Carlton Holland 2-4
- Robert Baro 1-5
- Rica Cason 1-14

That is only going half way back into Pavliks career. You think its just a coincedence that boxers are not performing as well after Pavlik is finished with them now?
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