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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post
You want me to do all the work here.
No, I want you to back up what you say. It's natural, and it's a standard the board holds every single member to. Remarks like this:

I already know the truth about Lummox,if you want to find something YOU should look it up.
Are utterly pathatic.

You almost started crying when you found out I only posted the title's,dates and authors of the articles and not the links also!
I was totally non-plussed, but I certainly wasn't upset. Your'e a troll. I'm ripping you up. If you'd posted actual sources in support of your bizarre position it would have been bad for me. I was happy you ****ed up again.

To be clear, you claimed that there were "lots of people", stressing journalists, who were out there who felt the same way you did. You've claimed that "Lennox Lewis only fought two prime contenders". I would be astonished to see that in print from a respected source. You've claimed that Golota "was a mental patient". I'd be amazed to see that backed up in black and white by a known boxing source. I would, howver, also be interested to see it.

So your failure to provide links supporting them, although unsurprising, was dissappointing, I admit.

I tried to play by your rules but you just keep asking the same questions.
What questions?

In closing,just think about how many numerous sports writers and boxing journalists say Lummox is overrated in retirement.
And think about how many rate him very highly. Here's Cox, who had him in the top 10 as early as '05:

Or how about SportsRatings who have him at #8?

Google "Boxing Scene Top 25 Heavyweights" and you will see he is at #9 on their list.

ESB's Classic poll has him at #5

What you are doing, rather pathetically, is saying that because you've read some writers who think he is overated (although you've failed to provide any links, I believe you) that it is a fact. Some writers think he's overated. Some think he is not. Some think he is underated. This is a difference of opinion not a mandate for you to spam this forum.

They can't all have a prejudice or personal bias-but you can pretend they do so you have a reason to not believe what they say about Lewis
I think they have valid opinions. Why are you confusing my opinion of there viewpoint with yours? Many fo theirs are valid. Yours are very obviusly ridiculous:

and his joke of a career.
Are you ****ing re****ed? How can you call a two-time HW champion of the world a joke? "A joke of a career"? What do you make of Gary Mason's career? If Lewis, #1 HW in the world for an extended period by most sources is "a joke", what is a guy like Glen Johnson to you?

"The thing is Lewis could have been much better,I remember when he fought Tua,and Lewis never once pressed him,He could have looked spectacular that night but didnt because he knew he didnt have to look spectacular to win....I will still say Holyfield was the more complete fighter.The better fighter.
I dont think he's (Lewis) top 10 of all time,Top 15 Yes."
Fine. He could have looked more spectacular. To me, there are 14 elite HW's, as long as Lewis is ranked among them (and he almost certainly does) I think that's absolutely fine. What you won't see is this guy saying his career is "a joke" he was "the greatest cherry picker of all time" and that "he only fought two prime contenders". You won't find him saying these things because he is not a troll/idiot like you are. I have absolutely no problem with what he said.

Bruce Trampler had this to say:

"Holyfield was an all time great,Lennox is highly overrated.I really give him demerits for those knockout losses to Oliver Mccall & Hasim Rahman and his last performance against Vitali Klitschko.
He outsized Guys? So what? I dont know how far you would have to go to find a lot of heavyweights who would have kicked the **** out of Lennox lewis,But its not too far.
He was NOT a top 10 Heavyweight and I'm NOT sure if he was a top 20 Heavyweight.....Yes I am.He wasn't.
He was a good fighter but not a Hall of Famer.Hes not an ATG.Hes on par with Vitali Klitschko,But I'm not sure hes better and nobody is writing about the greatness of Vitali Klitschko,And nor should they."
I disagree with this. It's an extreme point of view. Lewis outside the top 20 is unacceptable to me, it seems ridiculous. I disagree with this guy strongly.

No doubt you would disagree strongly with the linked lists that have him top 10.

Yeah Lummox Lewis was an overrated cherry picking bum.
But this is a different level. I can't believe you are comparing yourself to bixing writers with your bizarre opinions. You're trolling hard, boy:

The Lummox Can't punch his way through a wet paper bag.

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