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Default Re: Buncey and Jimmy T

Originally Posted by gsangha View Post
not seen it yet, but Buncy did a two-part interview with Jimmy on his radio show a year or so back, well worth tracking down if possible. Jimmy Tibbs is a pleasure to listen to and gives an honest insight into everything.
I'll try and track it down, if you find it let me know mate!

Originally Posted by Bill C84 View Post
This was the first Bunce hour I have watched in about a year and that was just because Tibbs was on it, I could spend hours listening to him.

Originally Posted by Grímnismál View Post
Is he generally known as "Jimmy T" or have you bestowed this nickname on him?
I can't believe he hasn't been called that his whole life

I'd like to take credit but I'm probably a good fifty years too late!

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
Jimmy has got to be one of the best if not the best coaches Britain has ever had.
He's sill loves the game you hear it in his voice.
Agreed Billy; what a gent he is
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