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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez - Strategy

I love discussions on strategy - from these posts Augustane has hit it on the head. What let Pacquiao down in the 3rd fight was his conditioning - he looked exhausted in the last 3rd of the fight.

For Pacquiao to be more "aggressive" he needs more movement, and more punch output - i.e. his conditioning needs to be much better - whether it is we don't know - we can't tell from 24/7!!!

For Pacquiao: Better conditioning, more aggression is right, he wasn't aggressive enough. In the first fight he was too 1 dimensional and had no right, not the case now. In the 2nd I think he was too reckless and didn't show enough intelligence in his movement and defense. He's better in that regard now. In the 3rd he's a much better boxer, but his output and tempo were so much slower. So that's the key to beating Marquez - Marquez didn't hurt Pacquiao in the 3rd fight, Pacquiao would get back on balance so much better than he did before after an attack that he was never really rocked. But his punch output, combinations and movement were much more predictable. He needs to stop moving to his left after an attack or get his left up to protect him from the right counter, that's key for Marquez - Nacho has studied that. If he can move more often to Marquez's left, he'll have more success also.

For Marquez: Stop running all the time. If Marquez runs and the round is close, it's Pacquiao's so stop whining about it. He knows what the problem is, he's said so himself. So he needs to stop being the boxing equivalent of a parasite and capitalising on Pacquiao's aggression and create some of your own, then maybe the judges will score you better. The 12th round sums up why Marquez sometimes just asks for a negative judge's decision, I couldn't believe my eyes how he backed off and ran - reminded me of De La Hoya against Trinidad in some ways - why give rounds to your opponent when what you're doing already is winning you rounds. Marquez needs to hope he faces the same Pacquiao and then just initiate one or two more attacks per round - there's not much else he can do differently as he fought to his maximum in the 3rd fight in terms of conditioning and tactics except for his OTT back pedalling
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