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Default Re: Why do some boxing 'fans' hate so much?

Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
I agree Bill.

I couldn't really care less where a boxer comes from.

The only time nationality plays a part for me is one it is on of our guys fighting an international fighter.

Unless the aforementioned international fighter is one of my favourites I will generally root for our guy.

However, it doesn't mean I will start saying the 'other guy' is ****e or blindly praise our man regardless of the facts.

At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with criticising fighters, if they perform poorly or do something wrong it is to be expected.

There are boxers who have been given opportunities they perhaps didn't deserve and there are also boxers who receive a huge amount of praise and recognition where it is not always warranted.

My problem though is when two fighters are fighting, and both fighters have their merits, boh have ability and are deserving of praise.

Why hate on the other one because he is simply fighting your man?

By all means think your guy is better, but don't start inventing **** and suggesting the chap is rubbish when he clearly isn't.
I know what you mean mate, Brook fans/Khan fans define this, their hatred for the opposing fighter is 99% born out of their love for their own.

They can not make an argument on skill, size, experience or any other rational reasoning other then its my favourite fighter that's why he win.

Pathetic really.
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