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Default Re: Miguel Cotto is Ricky Hatton with HBO protection

Originally Posted by Dai View Post
Hatton won the same amount of rounds against PRIME floyd as cotto did against shopworn floyd.

Yes he got stopped.

But Hatton is naturally a lot smaller than cotto, who has like 20lb of extra ballast.

Being smaller doesn't make you a worser fighter.

Hatton sucks btw, just saying him and cotto are the same level

I won't rest until people recognised cotto for what he truly is

A gatekeeper
LOL, well dude, it really doesn't mean as much to me as it means to you
If I had to rank them, I give Cotto the edge and explained why. I think Pacquiao is better than Cotto and he's a smaller guy so not sure why you need to explain "being smaller doesn't make you worse"

The fact Hatton got KO'd by someone with Floyd's poor KO ability and fact Pac found him with a money shot so early on shows how poor a technical boxer Hatton is - you've just backed up some of my reasoning.

Anyway, good luck on your "Cotto sucks" campaign
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