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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

You did'nt have to make your post so long.

Pacquiao allready tried your plan of boxing in fight 3 and failed miserably.

2 Scenarios which I could see Pacquiao succeeding with.

1. He lands a lucky shot and hurts Marquez badly!


2. Pacquiao runs ala DLH vs Trinidad and Leonard vs Hagler

Its not boxing though my friend. What DLH and Leonard did was not boxing. They literally went on their bicycle and ran for most of the fight.
Running and limiting the exchanges in rounds is Pacquiao's best bet to win the fight and not have the fans call it a robbery.

People have to learn to differentiate on whats boxing and whats running.
A boxer sidesteps like a matador but unleaches his own thunder.

A runner picks two or three spots in a round and limits his output to near single digits per round.

Pacquiao cannot outbox JMM, he has to run his way through the fight and win it on sheer legs speed, avoiding exchanges.
A 40 year old Marquez likely wont be able to catch a Pacquiao who's afraid to engage.

Listen Dangerousity! JMM is a counterpunching master, tell me he's afraid of exchanging?
Tell me he avoids the exchanges???
Come on in here and lie and tell me JMM does'nt bait and welcomes Pacquiao's aggressiveness and tears him up with combinations when Pacquao goes to JMM with them?????

The things I described JMM does to Pacquiao, Pacquiao could not implement vs Marquez because JMM counters the counters.
Marquez is so advanced at it Pacquiao would be lost.

Now if Pacquiao would to pick and chose to pot shot every with single punches every now and then, and run most of the time while keeping his punch output down to near single digits per round.
That scenario may be the only way Marquez does'nt consistently clock and rattle his brain.

Pac****s around here accuse Marquez of running vs Pacquiao when what he does is actuallly aggressively counter Pacquiao every time he walks in at him.
Funny that what Pac****s accuse Marquez of doing but does'nt, may be exactly what Pacquiao would need to do to nullify Marquez clocking and rattling his brain on a consistent basis and prevent a fourth schooling!

Are you telling us Dangerousity that Pacquiao should run from Marquez and ignore the boos of the crowd when they start doing that for lack of action?

Remember now, Pacquiao allready tried boxing and got outboxed, the next step is to try to run!

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