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Default Re: Why do some boxing 'fans' hate so much?

I always support the British boxers in general as a matter of course, unless there is something about them I genuinely dislike in terms of persona. To be honest I never liked Naseem Hamed, always thought he was a ****head and loved it when Barrera humbled him. I don't have any particular problem with Khan or Degale other than they sometimes shout their mouth off without thinking but no more than most other boxers.

I think with Hatton, a lot of the supposed boxing fans on ESB probably got in to boxing as a result of him and followed him to the end, when he got KO'd by Pac and Mayweather and and those fans learned a little more about the sport they turned on him probably as much from their own embarrassment as his.

Boxing is a sport though, people take personalities a bit too far if you ask me, it's not like I can't enjoy watching Ronaldo play football despite thinking he is a horrendous excuse for a man. Similarly I enjoyed watching Prince Naseem despite not really having much respect for him as a person. It's difficult in the UK to be successful and be popular, the country loves an underdog, as soon as someone from these shores is expected to win fights they suddenly become very unpopular, it's a little bit strange.
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