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Default Re: Any thoughts on Pac/JMM officials?

Byrd scored clearly for Trout which was the correct decision.
Trout fighing off the backfoot was much more effective than Cotto when he was aggressive.

If I'm in Marquez camp however, I'd have Byrd removed as she is the daughter of HBO's very own inept judge Harold Lederman.

Lederman has shamelessly scored all three fights on HBO's orders that he do so.
Julie Byrd may be influenced by what her inept dad has had to say on the previous fights.

Julie Byrd may very well be honest and score a Marquez fight for Marquez, but nonetheless, there's a conflict of interest in Julie Byrd being one of the judges in this matchup that the commision should not allow.

Would'nt it be funny though if Julie scored a fight Marquez dominates legit and clearly wide for Marquez, but her dad Harold at HBO has Pacquiao bogusly up in rounds 7-5 like he did that first fight?
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