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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by cuchulain View Post
A reasonable ****ysis with some good points. It's difficult to know how the Pac-Bradley or Pac-JMM 3 scores might influence the judging.

All three of their previous fights were very close, so if it goes the same way again, it's arguably JMM's turn.

JMM is unlikely to change from his counterpunching style as it has served him well up till now. Besides, if he becomes the aggressor, he almost certainly gets stopped. So expect him to change little.

As you rightly conclude, the outcome probably depends on what Pac does, differently or the same.

There's a lot at stake for both men, probably a little more for Pac. That's what makes JMM a much better choice of opponent for a fourth time than Tim for a second.

What a sad load of utter *******s from a blithering, biased bozo who appears to becoming increasingly un-hinged !
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