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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs Lennox Lewis

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
He's also not done.

I'd agree that Lewis is simply greater. But Wlad isn't done yet, and he's earned respect as a dominant champion.

It's a shame that Manny Steward didn't get to see his phoenix finish the journey, though. He helped Oliver McCall wreck Lewis' whole future at the top, then he built the man back up into a truly great, stud heavyweight king.

He did it again, with Wlad Klitschko. We can compare Lewis and Wlad until the rooster crows, but the facts show they are mirror image in career terms. Olympic gold medalists who stumbled on the cusp of greatness, and were brought to their potential with perhaps the greatest trainer of his era.

It's a credit to Manny Steward. They are, aside from Hearns, his two greatest tricks as a trainer, and if you look at his past interviews before he died, he heaped respect on both of their abilities.

I think he'd know best, beyond any of us. He knew how badass those two are. I think it'd be a great fight, Lewis would come ready to murder somebody, and Wlad would come in the best shape of his life.
My thoughts exactly, great points made my Magna who has more close up knowledge of the subject than just about anybody on these boards.

It's a pleasure reading your work Magna

So true about Wlad not being done yet. The only way you can truly fully judge the greatness of a fighter is at the end of their career; for example Don Curry - before the Honeyghan fight considered p4p the best at the time along with MMH - after the Honeyghan fight, never viewed in the same way again.

Mind you, I don't see any Lloyd Honeyghan equivalents lurking around the corner for Wlad!
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