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Default Re: Boxer that would be the best Bare Knuckle fighter ?

Lest we forget that a London Prize Rule bout included wrestling and vicious throws. Many great boxers simply would not be prepared (or able) to continue after an awkward fall. You only need observe Bernard Hopkins writhe about after a breach of the rules to see that deep aversion to foul play. For many, working the referee is their safety net.

With rules that not only allow one to commit things that would get you instantly disqualified today but open the flood gates for another skill set it utterly changes this idea of a 'fight'.

Muhammad Ali may be 6,3, 212lbs, fast, resourceful and in possession of the most impressive resume in heavyweight history, but if Jem Belcher tossed him onto his head, there's a good chance it would be game over before you've decided on salted or dry roasted nuts.
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