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Default Re: Is it fair to say Tyson Fury put up a better performance against Johnson than

Originally Posted by Dai View Post

Wladimir was all "its gonna be pizza face and then ko"

When in reality it was jab jab grab like always only he missed 2/3 of his jabs
So what? I bet you were all over the Ward v Froch boring ass decision win! WK easily decisions Haye and he still get's ****! Pathetic.

And i think you will find it was Haye making the outlandish claims beforehand not WK! It was Haye fighting extremely negatively not WK..

WK just did what he always does! Dominate! He made the pizza face coment due to the provocative nature of Hayes wording and the assumption that Haye was coming to fight!

U try KO'ing a boxer who's trying to blow you every 2 rounds!
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