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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by kingfisher3 View Post
i have tried to imagine it but the only way is a lucky punch early or wlad being well off his game. i posted a possible tactic, taking wlad out of his comfort zone(for the first time in years), but to do that rocky's getting hit a lot, and wlad takes bodyshots ok anyway.

i'd need 10 to bet rocky, and that would only be small (1.3 for klit bet)

if the fights in rocky's era wlad gets even more clinch advantage
Difficult to see how Marciano lands consistent hard bodyshots without falling into clinch range or overreaching and getting his head pulled down by Wlad's left (which isn't going to be a massive danger to him since Wlad doesn't really throw uppercuts when his opponent is in that postition, but it would certainly be frustrating and perhaps physically draining to his legs). It might be his best option, but like you said it's really quite a slim one. And I think Wlad has shown that he reacts a lot better to being temporarily taken out of his comfort zone than in the past.

I'm not referring to you kingfisher, but too many Marciano fans are supposing a fantasy here: that Wlad is just going to stand in one place a la Helenius and let Marciano close the distance with ease then allow him to tee off on his body or head without doing anything to stifle his work. This is simply not how Wlad fights. The swaying head movement that Marciano employs might cause Wlad to whiff a few over his back and shoulders, but it's not going to make him totally unhittable, and as he's trying to inch his way forward, Wlad will be inching his way back or around, snapping at his head with the jab and occasional right and clinching up or pushing down on him if he finds himself in Rocky's danger zone. The occasional wild right might clip him as he's leaning back, but his last few fights have shown that that's not going to be enough to cut it, and the height and weight disparity will take a lot off the shot anyway.

I respect Marciano but this is really not a hard fight to figure out. Wlad simply holds too many advantages here, whatever the Rock's rep as a come-forwarding badass with a will of iron and boulders in his fists. I don't expect a blowout, but I do expect a very one-sided and probably frustrating looking fight probably ending in ref or corner stoppage sometime around the eighth or ninth.
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