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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Marciano is a better boxer in every shape and form. Who has Wlad beaten to gauge how he will deal with a great like Marciano? Nobody, one even one fighter on his CV comes close.

In martial arts there is no weight division. Size means nothing. Skills win fights. Wlad was or never will have the pure boxing talent The Rock Had.

A few clips on Vladdys boys chin and he is going to be staggering all over the place. He is NOT an unstoppable wrecking machice and is ealisy beat with the right tools.
1. Which fighter has Marciano ever beaten that was more than 200 pounds in his prime and had more than 10 wins?
2.Marciano got dropped by Moore, no offence, Moore was a very good puncher p4p. But he is a lot below Holyfield who is a lot below Lewis who is a bit below Wlad in terms of power.
3.The most dominant forces in the hw division most often outweighted most of their opponents. (there are exceptions but size makes up for skill)
Lewis/Ali/prime Tyson/Wlad/foreman/frazier/Louis all outweighted most of their opponents.
Size is not everything but put two equally skilled guys in front of each other and the bigger guy wins.
4.Wlad has already shown to be pretty strong against body punches and in the modern era Marciano would use thicker/bigger gloves making his body punches less effective, and Marciano his very short reach would limit his offence by a large amount.
5.Marciano doesn't have the tools to negate the size difference.
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