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Default Re: Eubank beats Degale

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
There is time though, hes still only a young laddie & I find that with some fighters, power developes with age. Eubanks son certainly has the physique, & once he grows into that build? The KO's might start coming.

Maybe Im falling into the old trap of young star beating faded fighter & giving the younger guy too much credit for beating a guy cos I remember a prime Price, but I can see why Scurla is throwing this one out there. There was something about Eubank jnr in that fight, he looks like hes improving dramatically. & if his old man keeps him as busy as he was coming up? Things could get very interesting, very quickly.
He's not getting any bigger or any stronger. I can remember years ago, seeing videos of Chris Eubank Junior, and by the size of him then..? you would of thought he would of turned into a heavyweight fighter.

He's was bigger than me anyway, but i am now bigger than Chris Eubank Junior.

For me he is another classic case of going through ****rty early, and maturing fast. Just like Anthony Joshua..? I went to school with many of these type of freaks who just simply mature earlier.

I just don't think he has that strength, i cannot wrong him as a fighter. But for me, he just seems to lack serious bruit strength. James Degale is not on the level of having Carl Froch type strength..? but he can handle himself.

Just like when Denton Vessel fought Ronnie Heffron, as the fight goes on James Degale would just simply be too strong, too physical for Eubank Junior.

If you are strong, you are strong! If you can punch you can punch, that ingrained raw ability will always be evident! Even if you are a young fighter. David Haye could always punch, was fast and athletic.

Chris Eubank Junior, has shown no real elite ability as a puncher. That ability is not suddenly going to appear! He's not suddenly going to become strong like a hulk ether! He's a slick, athletic fighter! those are his raw abilities.
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